Christmas Gift
Baby Ghislain Here I am, a Christmas gift. I was born October 8, 1981 and I joined my new family December 17, 1981.

Hello Baby...
Moto Maybe my dad will lend it to me one day...

Happy Birthday!
Cousins I turned 8 years old on october 8th 1989 and I am celebrating with all my Desjarlais cousins and almost all my Cayouette cousins.

Scout Ghislain Bye, I am going to camp. I am proud to be a Boy Scout.

First time out of hospital
Ghislain out of hospital They finally let me out of the hospital on November 7, 1994, 16 days after my brain surgery.

Celebration of Life
Celebration of Life On October 4th, 1995 we celebrated!!! 230 persons joined me for a "Celebration of Life" at a restaurant. I said the sports news with Diane Sauvé, Radio Canada. I raised funds for a special project.

Ghislain's Corner
Ghislain's corner With the funds collected, we transformed a small dull isolation room at the hospital. It became "Ghislain's corner", a welcoming and joyous room.

If you also wish to help provide comfort and resources to the Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario's young cancer patients, you may send a donation to

P.O. Box 926, Stn B
Ottawa On K1P 5P9

Laughing Ghislain My passion: laugh and make people laugh. Christmas 1995.

Ghislain Parasailing In Florida, March 1996, on of my dreams comes true: I am parasailing. My first dream was to go to Italy.

Ghislain and Paul-André in Italy The Children's Wish Foundation of Canada made my wish come true. In May 1995, I went to Italy, my ancestors' country.

If you wish to help provide children suffering from high-risk life threatening illnesses the opportunity to realize their most heartfelt wish, you may send a donation to

The Children's Wish Foundation of Canada
700 Industrial Ave, Suite 120
Ottawa ON K1G 0Y9

Canada Day
Canada Day July 1st 1996, I celebrate Canada Day on Parliament Hill in Ottawa.

Adieu On July 11th, at 2:40 p.m. Ghislain left us to go Home. Tuesday, July 9, and Wednesday, July 10, were very good days. Wednesday, he went on his electric scooter wheelchair to the corner store to choose videos and he was in a great mood. He ate lunch and dinner (first time in a long time). We cooked the fish he caught while icefishing this past winter. It was delicious.

Wednesday night, while he was watching a movie with his dad and his favorite cousin, he had a seizure and a cerebral hemorrhage. He was unconscious and we decided to keep him at home. He was surrounded by his family, all night long and the following day. He was always unconscious but responded a bit to our voices. We sang songs, we talked to him, we kissed and hugged him and it was as if he was trying to speak to us. He died peacefully in his father's and mother's arms with Paul-Andre very close by and family and friends all around us.

He had a little smile and his face was serene. We stayed with him for two hours until the doctor came. The funeral reps were very professional when they took him away. Just before, every one had a chance to kiss him for a last goodbye. We thanked him for being our son, my brother, our grandson, our nephew, our cousin, our friend. We told him how proud we were of him and how much we loved him. We followed him outside all the way to the van. One last kiss and he was gone. We will miss him always and carry him in our hearts.

We then stayed outside for hugs and hugs and tears and tears. We toasted to his memory with our favorite wine or beer. We tried to honor his "joie de vivre" with laughter and peace. We know he has left us for a far better place. We know that after the worst storm the sun always shines.